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Originally Posted by C5driver View Post
How did I even find this and where to even start...

It IS appalling, but I think you need to objectively reexamine the root causes of this level of deadly force. To say that this is "without cause" is absolutely simplistic in its thinking and just so far beneath what I would have given you as a department head with 1,200 staff, that it's kinda forced me to reconsider your ability to process and analyze.

My ability to think and analyze is fully in tact. I am a multi-national businessman who has managed billion dollar contracts. I am also a trained sociologist who understands group dynamics better than you and most other people. The ability to think and reason and analyze is not limited to one's sphere of expertise. I am compensated for my ability to think and execute better than 98% of the people in this country. Please never make such a ridiculous statement without knowing with whom you are dealing.

And you're speaking from experience? A cop buddy? Law & Order? What does a cell phone look like in the dark?

The former chief of police in my city is a close friend. He agrees. PM and I will tell you his name. I am a former lobbyist and VERY connected in multiple states. Before I arrived home I was at Sullivan's with the head of a protective detail and 3 other high ranking L-E Officials PM Me and I will send you a pic of one of their cards. Again, please never make a ridiculous and condescending statement without knowing with whom you are dealing.

Deescalation is always the first course of action and it may be verbal or employing the use of deadly force.

Agreed. The first reasonable thing I've responded to here.

Maybe there's another issue with resistance to authority or maybe a lack of respect for life, institution, and tolerance. Maybe the question is why little Johnny badass is carrying a gun or dressing like a banger. Maybe we're glorifying violence and the thug culture?

There are lots of reasons. I am discussing a single systemic problem that is easier to address than the manifold variables you just mentioned. If you are going to solve a manifold problem do you attack the variable that you can control or a group of variable that are outside of your span of control? I think and hope that you know the answer.

Maybe the whole law enforcement-race relations argument is not so much a cause, but a consequence.
See the above answer.

Please understand that I am 100 percent pro-law enforcement. I also recognize a problem when I see it and recognition of a problem is the first step to solve it.


P.S. You are correct on my comment, 'without cause'. It would be stated more eloquently as, 'without consistent cause'. I apologize for the exhaustive statement.

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