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Originally Posted by RABAUKE
Originally Posted by Pheonix View Post
This is a really hard one for me
Hillary- maybe she will teach us how to make millions giving speeches.
Bernie- everything will be FREE! I am tired of working my ass off and giving almost half of my income to the government.
You guys have it easy, come north and see what it's liked to pay our taxes. You don't even get the courtesy of a god damn reach around.
I was recently in Canada. Was expecting things to be pretty reasonable, as the exchange rate is like
$.75Cdn to the $USD. I was amazed at not only the tax burden (15% sales tax/VAT, plus all sorts of tourist taxes), but also at the price of food and services. Not sure if wages are correspondingly higher, but let's hope so- if not, I feel sorry for working-class Canadians.
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