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Originally Posted by upstatedoc
@Mr.Tonka what do you think about the pocket 9's, sig sauer, kimber. Viable self-defense weapons?
I think something is better than nothing. But I prescribe to the philosophy weighing proficiency the most, then mag capacity, then ability to conceal, then comfort.

I used to carry a shield 9mm but after some active shooting classes I found that I shoot the G19 far better than the shield. I would rank the shield as an 8 for comfort and the G19 as a 7. G19 is twice the capacity, so that's what I carry it.

If I had to wear a suit all the time I would go with the Sig p239.

But to answer your question, yes they are viable weapons. Any weapon is viable if you're proficient with it. That's the key. If the shield was too comfortable to give up, I'd train with it until I was as accurate with it as the G19.
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