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So upon reviewing the now available Exec Order it appears (partial list);

- The core of it is to suspend immigration from these countries while the director of Homeland Security completes an assessment and recommendation for further longer term actions (I believe those actions will need to be approved by congress if there is funding involved)

- Suspend the visa waiver program and require interviews for all non-immigrant visa's

- Require reasonable reciprocity for any country processing US visa requests

- Still allows HS to admit up to 50,000 refugees in FY 2017

- Allows for minority religion exemption for the countries listed

- Buys back capacity to expedite the Biometric Entry Exit System (a program approved under Obama

And here is the interesting part;

Make publicly available info, within 180 days - info regarding # of of foreign born nationals charged with, convicted with, provided material support, or removed because of terrorism related offenses or supporting terrorist related activities

Information regarding the number and types of acts of Gender based violence against women or honor killings by foreign-born individuals in the US (honestly, I think they should include religion based and sexual orientation also)