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Originally Posted by UglyBuzzard View Post
I don't kid myself, my friend. I am all in on Trump because I despised Clinton and what she stood for. And, I respect the office of President and if he fails, America does. I spent the last 8 years quiet because of my love of country.

More than anything, I am sick of liberal snowflakes still complaining and obstructing and protesting and being violent and on and on... I find the level of hypocrisy nothing like I have seen before.

My friend, I have seen your posts as well and I know exactly where you fit in.
Well we both despise Clinton, that doesn't mean I'd vote for Trump if I was an American. There's were other qualified people in the GOP I can name a few, John Kasich perhaps?

i too respect the office of the presidency but the office also has obligations towards all people not only a selected few. Seems like he's only the president of his supporters and all that talk about uniting everyone went out the door with every tweet...