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Originally Posted by Ali Shiralian View Post
Well we both despise Clinton, that doesn't mean I'd vote for Trump if I was an American. There's were other qualified people in the GOP I can name a few, John Kasich perhaps?

i too respect the office of the presidency but the office also has obligations towards all people not only a selected few. Seems like he's only the president of his supporters and all that talk about uniting everyone went out the door with every tweet...
So many of your posts just reek of hypocrisy. Another smug Canadian casting stones wile living in his lovely glass house. You admit yourself you voted for an empty vessel with a room temperature IQ. During the campaign it was glaringly obvious that junior never had an original thought in his life. A man who accomplished nothing in life yet had a relatively famous last name so that was enough to get your vote. Welcome to the age of celebrity where substance means nothing.