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Originally Posted by sirdaft1 View Post
The Tesla fanboy presence is strong in this thread. I've read enough threads on this subject and it typically goes as follows:

Tesla Fanboy: **SMUGLY** Tesla and EV's are the future. ICE's and dino fuel are ruining the worlddddd. It's over.

Normal Person: I commend Tesla, everyone loves a real life Tony Stark... but why do we need EV's again?? You realize that we have more oil reserves under the US than anywhere in the world and the US is moving to be a net exporter of our oil/gas? And if you're concerned about the environmental consequences, you understand that natural gas cuts CO2 emissions by 20% vs gasoline? Why aren't you just pushing more towards natural gas usage in vehicles??

TFB: Yah, butttt... autonomous vehicles are the FUTURE.

NP: You're sidestepping now. Vehicle autonomy is not reliant on EV in the least bit. Tesla may be one of the (many) companies leading the charge, but AV can be used in a EV, ICE... hell, I'm sure it could even be engineered to work on a horse and buggy!

TFB: Yahhhh... but the P100X in captain insano mode can crusshhh any new production car in the 1/4 miles.

NP: ....

TFB: Andddd its a 4 door famly car!!!!! See its da futurrre!!!

NP ... I think we're done here.

And while I kid and poke fun at those bullish on Tesla... I think Musk is a fascinating dude. I hope Tesla is successful (I mean that). But please do so by growing your company as a COMPLIMENT to the existing competition vs a REPLACEMENT. He would get far more buy in from us "old timers" (34 years old lol) by doing so.
+1 to everything said here.

I love the concept, and would love a Tesla (p120 thanks Elon if you are reading this) ... but it isn't a binary choice.
Elon Musk is a brilliant mind and a disrupter who is changing the world for the better. But I reckon there is the possibility of an even greener technology out there to move us around.

Oh, and can we forget about Mars and just fix earth? Thanks