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Originally Posted by Chappers 71 View Post
Trumps part of some Russian conspiracy, the clintons are having people murdered, Libtards & demtards, the rubbish you guys seem to believe.
Your country had an election & trump won. You guys are always banging on about America being the beacon of democracy, yet you seem unable to put your differences aside. So much for the UNITED in USA.
Americas enemy's must be having a jolly good laugh.

Hopefully this forum isn't a true representation of American views & values.
Unfortunately I think it is. This country is as divided as I've ever seen it. I think republicans aren't happy that Trump was their only option and the same goes for the Dems and HRC. No matter who was elected their base was going to be defensive and insecure because they know their choice was poor. When our only options are a career politician who will do literally anything for power and money and a morally bankrupt business man with a penchant for lying it's bound to create strife because voters are forced to back someone they know deep down is a piece of shit.
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