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Originally Posted by Doc Oc View Post
Unfortunately I think it is. This country is as divided as I've ever seen it. I think republicans aren't happy that Trump was their only option and the same goes for the Dems and HRC. No matter who was elected their base was going to be defensive and insecure because they know their choice was poor. When our only options are a career politician who will do literally anything for power and money and a morally bankrupt business man with a penchant for lying it's bound to create strife because voters are forced to back someone they know deep down is a piece of shit.
Good post, that's my thinking as well.

Both are defensive, more so the Trumpeteers as they need to defend and prove more.

The hilarious hateful Hilary's lost so only have a few bits to defend.

From watching a lot of the election process from this side of the Pond, the system over there appears broken, only ever seems to be two parties, no third way etc.

Ours is by no means brilliant (as can be seen by latest election) but we do have variation in parties and political stance.
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