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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
so i'm a total newbie to investing in stock market individually
(have only had robo-managed accounts before)
i just joined Robinhood and threw a little money in there to test the waters

of course i got in right before the massive dropoff in October .. then everything recovered ... just to take a dump again this week

i thought it'd be fun to share our favorite stock picks ... act like we can predict the future
and just share experiences and discuss investment strategies

one of my biggest failures as a newbie in the past couple of weeks?
selling CVS stock the day before dividends were paid out
that's how new i am

should have just held onto CVS as it's been gaining steadily while most other stocks are tanking

(if you want a referral link so we can both get a free stock in some company, please message me)
It doesn’t matter if you held the stock until the dividends were actually paid out. The important date is the ex dividend date. If you bought the stock before that date you still should have received the dividend.