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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
Anyone else love to read? I'm addicted to good books. I mostly read fiction - crime drama, mysteries, action/political thrillers. I read more in the summer, sitting poolside or at the beach.

Some of my favorite authors are Vince Flynn (he died way too young), Greg Iles, Nelson Demille, Dean Koontz, James Patterson (for quick, easy reads), Tom Clancy, and a new guy Jack Carr - former Navy Seal. I've read so many, these are off the top of my head.

I can't get into reading on my phone or a nook though. I have to have a real book, preferably a hardcover and turn those pages.

Who else is with me on the joy of reading?

EDIT - Wrong forum, sorry.
I’m reading Masters of Rome, a series by Colleen McCullough. I usually read on ipad or kindle but these are only available in print editions. It’s a historical novel series of the Roman Empire and starts off in the time of Julius Caesar’s grandfather. I’m finding it fascinating and really well written.