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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I'm re-reading 2312 at home, and another Janet Evanovich at work. Someone gave me their Kindle to fix at work, they had bricked it. Google and a few choice button pushes and it was fixed! But she had already purchased a new one, so she let me keep it. I never changed her account name so I have to read whatever she gets. Every day at lunchtime I read while eating, unless someone takes me out to lunch (so every damn day)

I'm more Sci-Fi, but a decent crime novel will work as well. Another series on the Kindle I read a lot were the Scarpetta crime dramas, can't remember the author.

While I will use that Kindle, I still prefer a book in my hands.
I actually met a co-writer of Janet Evanovich on a flight from NYC to ATL some years back. It was one of the funniest flight's I've ever been on because we pulled off the taxiway for a two hour weather hold. She proceeded to name and assign character status to all of the people in the forward cabin as though she were writing a book. This is going on while we are drinking for the entire 2 hours of the ground-hold and the flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Upon landing we're both blasted and a couple of passengers who eavesdropped were also laughing pretty hard. Nothing as cool a the creative brain in real-time action. Priceless!
Several actors have played James Bond, Sean Connery IS James Bond...

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