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Sony A7 III, lens choices?


So after my recent M3 purchase, I'm looking to expand my photography knowledge and skills which as it stands is at a novice level. I want to start by equipping myself with the right gear.

I'm looking towards the Sony A7 III at the present time, but I'm not sure which lens I should go with first.

There are so many lens choices, it's hard to know the right one to pick, would love some guidance on what would best suit my needs going forward.

Now my main focus is to expand and grow my instagram page, it gives me an opportunity to combine two hobbies, one is my car and the other which I'm trying to get better at is photography.

So I guess my main source of pictures for my instagram will be the car with a scenic backdrop(day and night shots), throw in some rolling shots and some close ups.

At the moment, I've only posted a handful of pictures using only my smartphone and brief photoshopping. Once I get my hands on some proper gear, I'll start travelling a bit further out and finding much better locations to take a lot more pics.

With that in mind, is there one lens which can do it all or would I need to buy multiple lenses to get the most of what I want? What len/s do you guys recommend?

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