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Originally Posted by Kpoggi View Post
I am new to the thread and have seen every video and read every article on the z4 I finally reached the time in my life that I can get a roadster I currently own a 30 yr old Toyota pick up After a lot of research the z4 feels like the right fit. Other considerations boxster. ftype. I have been saving for 4 yrs and this will be the best car I have ever owned. With that said u guys are making me very nervous with this gremlin thread it will kill me to spend this kind of money and have the car in the shop
There will always be some issues with cars - especially in the first production year. Thankfully, most issues here are software related and will eventually get sorted out. So no sweat! I just finished my first 1,000 miles in the M40i and it is such a joy to drive!
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