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Originally Posted by superbrew View Post
That's what I love about it, no matter how good you are, you can always get better.
This is quite true about everything. Limit can be reached in one's ability to see beyond own achievements. Some accomplish that easily.

Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
After that, I was having to fight guys almost 6" taller than me...and having a long reach is a "MF" to get past if the guy is skilled.
It takes a more skilled guy to pass. Was Mike Tyson there already? Another example is karate superstar Rafael Aghayev. He's usually shorter (yet "wider") than his opponents. It's pointless seeking excuses for not making a legend. Especially as in a self-defence situation one's likelier to face bigger opponents.

I guess the whole idea of fighting skills is to overcome a disadvantage. Who needs a skill to beat a weakling? They say to become a good fighter one must defeat better ones.