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Originally Posted by No one View Post
It's all right you opted out of boxing. I never even tried it. It's just your reasoning promoting a loose approach ("Not easy? Again?!! Damn it!!!" ) looked faulty to me. This isn't how it works to achieve even the least of results, I believe. Especially if you intend to prepare for "fight of your life". They suggest it's best to run. I just wanted to mention the right attitude it takes to succeed. Even about staying in shape.
Well I just posted a pic in the gym thread of where I am currently sitting at in regards to my shape at the moment. It just turned out that I was more suited for the weights than I was in other areas. I still boxed...just not competitively.

Also I started this thread, so the first post should give some history of how I arrived to where I'm at currently. Boxing was an outlet for me...also a way of connecting with my dad. He is the one who started me down the path of all the arts I did have the pleasure of working with.

I had no problem boxing at a higher body weight as I can assure you that I am quite hard headed! But the same as with Aikido....the older you get the more it takes its toll on your body. And it's not like I make a living off of's something I do for fun.

I guess you can say that one path led me to another...but I have always put forth the effort no matter what I am doing. I have always been a solitary sport type of guy.

Crazy thing about genetics is that you can put 110% into something.....but there will always be someone else better at it than you are. And I don't believe it's because you didn't pay your's just the way life is.

And I am fine with that.
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