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Originally Posted by Crimson92 View Post
AWD doesn't = unlimited traction.

Please keep your DSC on people. Turn it off at the track.
Thanks for the advice dad but I'll keep it off. It's hard to believe we all survived the 80s and 90s without these life saving computer modules.

The only time i _would use it is the first couple laps around a new track.Side note I do have great tires / suspension and [I hate posting this] I do have a lot of seat time logged especially with instructors. This car is very predictable and has tons of static grip. It's a real ask to get anywhere near that on a public road, it'd be totally asinine of me to begin with to be in a situation where dsc makes a difference. I drive like an old man usually. With the stock suspension and runflats yeah you could find that point without trying so hard.

In my case day to day all dsc does is cut the throttle on good upshifts and cause confusion. The car feels freed up with it off the wheels spin freely as they should. Ymmv