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Originally Posted by BMWILUVU View Post
Charging time in cold Canadien weather and in the US winter is a blocker.
We have a local Model 3 thread up here and owners are losing up to 40% range when the weather dips into double digit negative (celsius) temperatures. Also it's reported if you leave the car outside for prolonged periods in the cold they lose regenerative braking. Funny thing is the amount of planning required to take one on a holiday in regards to figuring out where charging stations are and how to make it there without running out of charge. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world but it's not very densely populated so you can go hours of nothing but very small towns between larger centers that may have charging stations available. We aren't remotely close up here to EV's being viable for most people as they are strictly used for city commuting and even at that we are severely lacking in charging options.