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Originally Posted by kb2wji View Post
It's incredibly hard to kill a Crown Vic. Those things were more solid at 100,000 miles than the new Taurus and Explorer Interceptors are at 10,000 LOL Jump some railroad tracks or hit a curb at 80 and a Vic will laugh it off. Hit a pothole in an Explorer and it'll need frame work, a fuel pump and new transmission. My Explorer has 25k on it and it's on it's 2nd fuel pump and my tranny is on it's way out. Non-turbo.
I did enjoy the Crown Vic for our Scout Cars in wife and I went to the Keys on holidays a few years ago, I always wanted to do the drive from Miami so we flew there and booked some econobox rental. When we got there the shit boxes were all out so we got "upgraded" to a Crown Vic, it didn't have the Interceptor package but it took me back. My wife kept telling me to slow it down, I never really got it going but it was a nice flash back.