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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
we aren't there yet

still, if you road trip or do a lot of highway commuting it makes sense to have autopilot/lane assist. I drove a VW with the lane assist recently and it does well as long as it can see the lines.
Self driving tech or aides as most of them are right now are here to stay. I love driving my C7, rowing through the gears, listening to the noise it makes... however I don't love it all the time. Sometimes I just need to get from point a to point b with the least amount of stress from all the assholes on the road.

I got a 2020 Corolla to drive around town and what not since I don't like to take out the C7 all the time, I don't much care for driving the truck in town and the gf doesn't like driving either. Anyways we had one as a rental out in CA earlier in the year and I found it to be pretty nice for what it is. It has lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. For a sub $20k car I found the features to be fantastic. Made highway driving sooo much less exhausting. You may not consciously notice it but making all those tiny adjustments on the highway wears on you on long drives.

Anyways picked up a device for the car around xmas time. That thing is a total game changer. Once I'm on the highway it can pretty much take over until I get off in Miami almost an hour later. Rarely have I had to intervene. Is it perfect? Hell no. That's why I'm always as attentive as if I was driving myself. It does have driver monitoring so if you look away, fall asleep etc it will disengage. THAT is the biggest issue I think. People thinking this stuff is flawless and they can take a nap or eat shit on their phone because the car is "driving itself". I think we are quite a ways away from that regardless of what Elon Musk says (have you seen the videos of cars being summed? They are dumb and slow as fuck all).

All that being said I LOVE the tech for what it is... assistance. Makes long drives a lot less tiresome.