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I've read in a few places that it was using 3 motors which kind of seems like cheating...Then again, there aren't exactly many rules here.

Would be interesting if this was the new Roadster powertrain with a modified Model S body disguising it. Either way, I don't consider this as detracting from the Taycan in the slightest.

Also keep in mind that although I'm excited to see what happens in the EV wars and feel we have a ton of evolution ahead of us, 7m23s is still slow compared to the numbers top track focused cars (GT3 RS at 6m56s) put up. I'm sure a 3 motor Model S isn't substantially cheaper than GT3 RS MSRP...heck the 2021 Tesla Roadster is likely starting at $200k+...but I'm excited to see where all this goes.