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Originally Posted by Flacht3 View Post
Some of those are indeed surprising, but overall I wouldn't consider any of those to be a tier 1 job market for the average young professional. Again, nothing against them, I love quite a few places on that list, but they're not exactly attracting young professionals in droves.

The other thing to think about is affordability separate from pure cost of living. Most millennials are drowning in student loans and half their paycheck goes straight to that.

I entered the job market in the middle of the financial crisis, took a crappy job and was able to build a strong network, start investing, and put myself in a great position as the economy strengthened. However most of my peers did what seemed smart at the time...went back to school and took on degree after degree...only to graduate and realize their job prospects and earnings didn't improve the way they thought.

Again, not arguing with your data, but it's definitely not the whole picture and not relevant for the most in-demand metros.
1) We would have to just agree to disagree regarding the job markets. While there are obviously not as many people moving to CLT for a new professional job than to LA or NYC, it is hardly a rural and uneducated market. Heck, Charlotte is the second largest banking and finance hub in the country.

2) Ah, student loan debt. Don't get me started on that. Has college gone up a bit more than inflation over the last 50 years? Yep - about 6% per annum as compared to 3.2% per annum for inflation - but most of those giant student loan balances are the result of shitty financial responsibility and not because of anything else. I graduated with 0 debt and multiple grad degrees, but I know it was hard and not everyone could have done it. But graduating with any more than $30k - $60k of student loan debt unless you are a physician is just asinine and a whole other problem that doesn't relate to this thread.
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