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I quit playing (guitar) a few years ago. The only guitar that I have left is an Ibanez that was originally purchased for my oldest son to play on, then he gave it to me when he bought his SG. The youngest son now has a blacked out Epiphone Les Paul and a hollow body Gretsch that he plays around on. I started playing when I was 15 and have had so many guitars I barely remember all of them. My favorite was a custom Jackson that I had EMG pickups and a floating Floyd Rose installed in after I sanded the paint off to expose the wood grain then covered with epoxy. That guitar was beautiful and played like butter, almost as smooth as the Gibson SG I had in my 20's. My all time favorite acoustic was my blacked out Ovation. Can't remember the series of the Ovation but I loved that thing. When I started having issues with my hands and had difficulty playing, it frustrated me to the point where I just stopped playing. The ex-wife bought my Ovation to gift to my stepson at the time, as a graduation present. It served itself well, as I taught him how to play and it means the world to him that he has the guitar, from the guy that taught him and that he learned to play on.

I do miss playing at times and will pick up the Ibanez, then my dexterity issues begin, i get frustrated and put it back down.