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Originally Posted by rr006rbc View Post
I agree! I just need to build more confidence and learn to place the bar in a better spot on my shoulders.
Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
Should be low on back rather than high on neck
You have two options.

High Bar Backsquat: Bar is on traps, torso is maintained upright throughout the movement.

Low Bar Backsquat: Bar is placed lower on the shoulders towards the bottom of your shoulder blades. This is a powerlifting style squat. With low bar squatting your torso is shifted forward more instead of maintaining an upright torso like the high bar back squat. Typically people can do more weight with low bar squats because you utilize more posterior chain due to the forward lean. If you have ever watched Layne Norton lift he has a classic low bar squat that properly demonstrates the forward lean of the torso.

It is all dependent upon your goals. If you do crossfit then high bar backsquats(and more so front squats) will translate better to the movements that are prescribed in workouts. Low bar is great for lifting as heavy as possible. Really though everyone should try both squatting types, just understand the differences between them

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