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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Ah, if people can get around the same for the same cost, I doubt they'd have an issue with using an EV. There are some people who like engines, so they'll not like EVs because it doesn't have an engine, but that's out of preference, not fear.

I had an electric garden tractor in 1973 by the way. Way better than gasoline fueled yard equipment even made today. It cost twice as much as a gas tractor of the day. Even in the gas-crisis of the early 1970's it didn't sell well because of the price. There were no Government market tax credit offsets to try and create market change.
Correct. The notion that fear is why people don't switch to EVs is laughable. The people that do switch more than likely have out of fear. They fear the wealth redistribution hoax of climate change. Al Gore said I'd be underwater 10 years ago. He got everyone feeling guilty so they would pay carbon credits to compensate for their carbon footprint. Those carbon credits mostly went straight into his bank account making him a billionaire. That's where the real fear mongering is.