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Originally Posted by fbsm
Again.....The 1950's were not exactly a bad time in america....not to say there were NO issues but......

And that was not all of america by any stretch of the imagination......nothing like the southern democrats (dixiecrats)

Funny how things have the productive are tax slaves to the unproductive......but your last post and my response probably belong in a different forum
Originally Posted by MalibuBimmer View Post
Please spare me the sour grapes you've just fermented into whine.

The highest income tax rate in the 1950s was 91%. That was when we built things for the common good, like the Interstate Highway System. And we had one of our greatest Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

We were subsequently emancipated, although since the 1960s the cost of no longer being tax slaves means that our entire infrastructure is dying and the debt we leave our children will make them tax slaves.

The only people who will benefit from this irresponsibility is our generation of selfish and irresponsible fuckwits, misled by the American oligarchs who now run one of our political parties (and don't mind at all if our government colludes with the right wing oligarchs running Russia and protected by one Vlad. Putin).
Might want to take another looks at who's whining/sour grapes

Especially regarding the explosion of regulation and cost of compliance

And while you're at it scroll down to avg tax rate for each quintile in the link below.....

If big government progressives hadnt committed future generations to pay for a mess of things that the fed gov should never have been involved in we wouldnt be in this mess......