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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
Which begs this question every time AVs come up for me:

Who, or what, will be liable for those errors?

That is the big hurdle. It's easy to blame human error for most accidents -- and the ones that aren't usually get settled or litigated.

But when humans are removed from that in an AV, who is liable? The carmaker? The software designer? The government? An element of the environment the error occurred in? Maybe even fate/God/[insert deity here]?

It's a huge gray area that no one has been able to define. Huge. Huuuuuuuge. And AVs used en masse won't become reality until someone either assumes liability or sets up a mechanism to determine liability with both consistency and an insurance component.
The driver and the car maker. It is the drivers responsibly to monitor whats going on and if the car maker certifies the car as safe but the car screws up they are liable too.