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Originally Posted by Snappy Phoenix View Post
I've never had a camera other than my cell phone. I see awesome pics here which I'm sure were taken with a DSLR but upon checking the prices of DSLRs they are way too high as I'm no professional photographer.

So what camera would you recommend for someone like me who likes to take photos occasionally but with a decent quality.

I like how some shots have the car in focus and the background blurred out, don't know what camera or what effect does that but please keep that in mind in your recommendation.

Hey buddy. DSLRs are indeed great cameras especially when you're looking to step up your game from the norm, but often there are many point-and-shoot cameras that are just as powerful as DSLRs; if not, better.

If you're looking for something that allows you to freelance and just enjoy taking pictures wherever you go, I would highly recommend the Sony A7r.

There are too many features with this camera, but one main thing that offsets this gem from the other is the ability to take pictures in extreme dark environment. This is especially crucial for beginners as most of them have limited knowledge of how to manually work the camera to compensate the lighting situation. The Sony A7r would essentially allow you to take pictures ANYWHERE, in short. From your daily blogging photos to timelapse of milky way. This is THE camera.

I have shot with many cameras from 5D MarkII, MkIII, 1D, 60D, 70D MkII. I gotta say for everyday use, you can't beat what this little gem can do.

Good luck!