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Originally Posted by Snappy Phoenix View Post
I like how some shots have the car in focus and the background blurred out, don't know what camera or what effect does that but please keep that in mind in your recommendation.
There are several ways to get the "blur"...

For things that are moving, you can do "panning" : https://digital-photography-school.c...ooting-action/ . For beginner it's easier with a camera with good autofocus.

For things that are static, it's easier with camera with larger sensor, longer lens, and larger aperture.

These days some phone with dual cameras (e.g. iphone 7+) can simulate that effect, but from my experience the tech is still new and result is typically not so great yet.

Either way it point to DSLR. I'll just get the cheapest nikon/canon entry model DSLR with kit lens, it will be plenty of a camera for you to grow into for several years... Mirrorless are also getting good these days, but if price is your concern, you tend to get more of camera for the cost with DSLR compared to mirrorless. With mirrorless you are paying extra for a slightly smaller camera, a little more easy to carry around, but it's not like it will be able to fit in your pocket anyway. So again with cost in mind, i'd rather take a DSLR...