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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
I heard it on another network so it's making the rounds which is good.

Agreed, they likely have vid of the guys shopping for just the right type of rope for that a white lynch mob would use. Sounds to me like they have written, taped confessions at the precinct at this point and I hope they took their passports. Don't want these dudes skipping. Good thing Jussie or whatever his name lawyered up, and for his sake I hope he has a good one. I think he's going to need it.

If this story pans out I'm curious to see how the left handles it, especially Booker and Harris. Should be good ammo for the election coming up and at the least laugh worthy.
"....curious to see how the Left will handle it.."

that's easy: they will ignore it. like it never happened.