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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
People way overthink this shit. Eat nutritious foods. Want to gain weight then up your calories. Want to lose weight then reduce your calories. And break your meals down so you are not eating 4k calories in 2 sittings.

As far as timing goes I eat as soon as I feel a bit hungry. After the gym i consume a large intake of carbs and protein with limited fats and I noticed this always worked well for me. But besides that I keep my fats, carbs, and proteins consistent through the day.

If you are wondering. I am 5'6 maybe 5'7 and 205lbs in the winter. In the summer I trim down to about 195.


People have spent years trying to find the "easy" way out. There isn't one. You may find a "plan" to help you stay with what a diet entails easier...but that's about it.

In a nutshell:

Eat balanced meals, eat foods that "agree" with your body, eat in a surplus to gain, deficit to lose...and the most important part of any of it.......Consistency!

I find that it's only when getting to extreme levels and holding it (<~6%) do you have to sometimes trick your body into doing what it doesn't want to do.

We are the same height.....and I like to settle in about 190 in the summer. That puts me about a true 8%. I tend to carry bf evenly over my entire body, so 8% for me actually looks leaner than 8% for someone else.

I go any lower, and I start feeling like I don't even look like I lift. Napoleon syndrome I guess.

But I think anyone who is serious with lifting and dieting should go down to at least a competition BF at least once in their life. It gives you a much better appreciation for what it takes to get there...and helps you learn your body.

I've done it quite a few times but don't much care for it anymore. Extremes towards one way or the other aren't really healthy.
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