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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
He couldn’t pass Kimi or those similar lesser cars in a few laps after the corner? Better to have another top 5 than a DNF by trying that move.

MV continuing after the incident is indefensible. You can see in the in car camera shot how bad the left wheel was shaking immediately after the first corner incident. If viewers can see it in camera you can damn well be sure MV could feel it in the car. You can also see him a few seconds later sawing the steering wheel back and forth with almost no corresponding movement to the car. Yet he keeps continuing until it breaks.

He fucked up bad and you can tell by his later interviews that he knows it. Hopefully he learns from it from here on out. He and others got extremely lucky it wasn’t much worse from his actions. If he cleans this up he will most likely become a F1 champion in the near future IMO.

FIA not penalizing him is embarrassing/dangerous to the sport as well IMO. Had it been any other driver aside form the other top 4 they would have been penalized.
for your question.. yes he could.. but as i ve said it was a choice and didnt work.. simple is that and its a part of racing..
and for the second part.. there is no rule that applies for force abandoning the car right after 200-300m from the incident even before a corner.. there is a black and orange disc flag.. even with that, after shown driver must retire on the next lap.. so there is nothing stewards can judge with.. yes there must be some vibration on the straight whilst he was checking.. from a driver's perspective if you feel the 4 wheels you tend to continue.. simple as that.. even in worse scenarios can apply to that.. 20 years ago same track Schumacher took half of the lap on 3 wheels, DC with his McLaren without rear wing.. in heavy rain.. if you took part in any racing series not track days you understand better the mood and everything in those moments..

im not a "fanatic" of Max but i like his racing abilities.. on rule book nor my side i dont see anything that bad to harsh judging him this much.. he made poor choices, he lost the race and almost Kimi's race was over also.. not complicated than this..

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