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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
That's crazy - although I'm the same regarding the meat. My thermostat is set at 70* in the summer and 68* in the winter.

I'm curious as to how the new house is going to fair. I've got a corn furnace in the basement that should heat the whole home with $0 electricity. I've also got a water wheel running in a large stream on property that turns a generator for electricity and supplements my city water.

Estimates should have the water bill down around $30/mo and electric no more than $50 or so.

Sounds like you have done your homework. As for winter, if it's similiar to my in-laws....they typically see about 30" of snow throughout winter on average. Usually about 2 decent sized storms, and a lot of little snow events of 2"-3" with some of that just powder being blown around from other areas.

Our second property in that area looks like that. My wife has a spot of about 25 acres allocated to her, but it's very "hilly" with higher elevations and lower valleys.

Our biggest issue is that it's still in NC. So land that has been in her family for generations is going the same way as other people who have owned property for years in that area.

You have very high income people that come in and build these huge vacation homes, and the county sees dollar signs from property taxes. Most up there will have modest houses on huge tracts of land, but value is being driven up like crazy because of these huge houses being built on a small lot.

A lot of people up their have actually lost property because they can't afford the hike in taxes.

I know my wife's property taxes have went up astronomically in the last 10 year's. We have a way out by selling, but it's land that they have owned and paid for with blood and sweat decades there is a lot of sentimental value tied to it.
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