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Originally Posted by Soterios View Post
I think some folks are forgetting how low interest rates on new cars are. Throw 1.9% at $30,000 into some loan calculators. The difference between 48/60/72 months isn't that significant. Some places are offering even lower rates depending on the car.

My truck loan after down payment was about $30,000 and I did a 72 month loan because at my interest rate, it was a difference of a few hundred dollars over the life of the loan. (assuming I take the full loan term to pay it off, which is atypical) It makes me a lot more flexible with my money.
Agreed. I did the 72 month term on my F80 in 2016 and the interest rate was 1.9% as well with a good down payment. The intent was always to pay the loan off early and will be done right around the 40 month mark in my case.