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if your loan rate is lower than very conservative investing return why not take a loan.

im sure 99% of people with auto loans dont follow above statement just saying.

i hate watching people live beyond their means; like people buying like $100 of concessions for their kids and watching half that shit be left behind. boy would my parents whoop my ass. meanwhile im sitting there with massive disposable income sneaking in movie candy in my sweatshirt america in a nutshell.

kids on SNAP programs getting free lunch plus a 5 from their parents. my mom left my ass EXACT change; if i lost a dime I was done for the day

also people have so much pride and it can't be stepped on...
"oh my god thats embarrassing; I would never do that to save money xyz, blah"

its like buying something and someone goes" oh wow your a x profession and your haggling" or questioning fees and such. i guess its how your raised. I was well off; but was raised in an environment where money was "really tight" lol. I'm happy for it though. I want an aventador and can easily make the payments and still be "stable" financially. im sure thats what people say when they buy a brand new m3 making <50k