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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Originally Posted by Stage IV View Post
Interesting article regarding American consumers and their auto loans
That is freaking insane. Who the hell thinks financing a depreciating asset over that long makes any sense whatsoever.

Financial morons - the lot of them.

Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Exploding costs, stagnant wages, and the never ending lust for expensive items. Something's gotta give.

My favorite doom article this week put the average family cost for health insurance now at $20k per year.

All of this is absolutely sustainable by the way, debt is awesome.
That can't be right. There is no way that the average family insurance premium is $1,667 a month. That is not possible. I've never known anyone to have family premiums over even half of that. Most places I've worked or my wife has worked typically had family premiums of around $400-$600 per month. Mine is currently $0, since my company pays for all insurance, though.

I've seen some programs where it was as high as $800 for a family - but twice that?

I'm calling bullshit.

That doesn't change that the actual cost is still nearly $20k per employee. I guarantee you that your work takes that into account when hiring a new employee or considering annual wage increases.

My company is self insured and rates per employee went up considerably last year. Don't you think that comes into play when executives discuss whether they're going to pay 3% or 2.5% annual increases? Or whether to give Bob $50k more to stay instead of taking another offer?

It's also one thing to discuss when we're just two guys on a BMW forum, but imagine the impact on someone making $12/hr when their employer has to nearly pay the same in benefits as their annual pay. And it just gets higher each year. And I'd almost guarantee you that $12/hr people don't get fully covered health care costs.