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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
I think it's up to us. When you see these shady companies doing this stuff then just stop buying their stuff and make some noise too. Then the company has to chose if it's worth it to make money in china or here. I think BMW is the same too. So many cars of BMW are ruined because they try to make them appeal to china
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Yup it up to us, the general consumer to say no to corporations that cave in to the Chinese government.
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Like I pointed out in the Meme thread.... These corporations, athletes, and celebs are total hypocrites. The only cause they are willing to stand for is one that will not personally affect their check book or put their life physically on the line. They are only about one thing, and that is the dollar. They proven this week that all that talk about oppression and marginalized people is total BS. These hypocrites stand shoulder to shoulder with Chinese Communism and its oppressive system because it pays their bills. So what that the Chinese are shitting all over the people of Hong Kong. So what that China has "re-education camps". Hey as long as they are getting me paid I will be a good little puppet and salute when their anthem plays but I will kneel for the anthem that has given me true liberty.

Welcome to Chinese Hipocracy.
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