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Originally Posted by Turkish Pickle View Post
hey, don't shit on vagina and panty liner juice!
smokers are the outcast; on a college campus especially it's more noticeable. hence my switch to a juul. plus, american cigs just straight up suck! have you ever had a marlboro double crush? I'm not sure on the legality of me shipping you a case but if it is I'll def ship it over when I get back from winter break

also, yes. i definitely agree with that; we have this one guy who thinks we are all absolute idiots by the way he acts and it's really pissing off all of us. what's funny is, it's 2019. information is the most valuable thing, as well as the thing that's very available. it's not hard to find out when a person is trying to go behind your back especially when they think you're dumb as a rock so they're all open about it...
Dude, I would definitely like to try some double crush. A friend of mine recently went to Cancun and brought me back a pack of grape flavored menthol Marlboros that you can't get here; they were awesome!