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Originally Posted by KenB925 View Post
So, my side gates were sagging and not latching well, so it was time to build some new ones. Since I overbuild everything and like the looks of it, I decided to fabricate the gates out of 4" x 4" square steel tubing and put 2 by redwood boards in it.

I made the brackets that hold the boards out of 3" x 1/4" flat bar, or course I had to make a jig to get the holes in the right place etc.

In addition to the 2 big gates, I put a smaller gate so we can access the side/backyard from the front yard without opening up the big gates (it will be nice in the summer with people coming and going from the pool and not having to go through the house).

For those interested, I used 'bullet' hinges, I did all my cuts with a radial arm saw with a really cool diamond blade that is made to cut steel (instead of the old carbon blades that suck), it was my first time using it, and it is great.
4x4 steel tubing and 2by redwood boards - overbuilt is a massive understatement.

I wish redwood was a little more common out here in the midwest. We can get it, but it's always special order, which pretty much rules it out for small jobs due to min order sizes.