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Originally Posted by sirdaft1 View Post
But... why the hate of EV!?!

I could not agree more. It's like the government has given up when it comes to continued drivers education. I remember taking a one semester course almost 20 years ago when I was 15, then one "final exam" the day I turned 16 at the DMV... nothing since. Good news is, driving as we know it/texting/the laws/vehicle speed potential certainly hasn't changed over those 20 years

This is because you've prioritized other things with the government, like lower taxes, defense, spending more on other areas, etc. You can't have everything at once, it's impossible. And when I say "you", I mean the entirety of the population, not you individually. You want the government to do what people are unwilling to do themselves, how is that even supposed to work?

People want self-driving cars, not by their words, but by their actions. We have raised generations of subdivision-dwelling people that have been taught that they are more important than anyone else and that they need to make a bunch of kids and that their life's worth is judged based on how much stuff they own and what they can enjoy while sitting around and doing nothing sitting on their a$$. So it's no surprise people are on their phones constantly and texting and driving while face-timing. It's getting to the point where this is the majority of the drivers, not a small minority.

I guess, my point is, before you go trying to blame "the government" for this, what have YOU done about it? (just a general question to anyone who is concerned about distracted drivers)
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