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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
No one is arguing about battery capacity, but it has reached a practical level with Tesla, which is why those cars got on the road in the first place. Before that, it was science fiction.

Although there would need to be serious upgrades for "everyone" to use electric cars, some of the huge benefits are that there already IS infrastructure in place, as compared to hydrogen, or natural gas, etc. These are either tiny to non-existent in terms of infrastructure and distribution, when compared to straight gasoline or electricity. Here's the thing, we spend lots of money, waste lots of energy, trucking around gas, in ships, in trucks, storing it in tanks, building new gas stations, manning those gas stations, etc. We not only need gas for our cars, but for all those things that they require, the ships, the trucks, everything else.

Think about all the things the petroleum could then be used for, military flight training, navy patrols, etc. Right now, many of those things are pulled way back and fuel is one of the number one issues.
Those things were pulled back for 2 reasons. Fuel supply is not one of them.
1 fuel for the military was mandated to be "green" renewable fuel by Obama. This means the military jets now need to use $700 a gallon fuel.
2. Budget the military budget was cut way back. They cut costs by cutting everything including money for fuel

The world is awash in gas. There's tankers waiting to dock because there's no more storage capacity on land. Supplies will last out lifetime plus way more. Techniques are being developed to extend this for hundreds of years if not indefinitely.

As for the infrastructure you compared it to hydrogen, etc. You didn't compare it to petroleum. It's an invalid argument.