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In my case the fob is stored close to the car on an inside board next to the garage door (like 6 feet from the car just inside the home). Whenever somebody touches the fob by accident the lights go on. Hence, too much activity for me.
I used to keep both of my car key fobs on a table in my house just outside the garage door. In 8 weeks I went through 3 key fob batteries so I now store my fobs on another table further away. I think the fobs were interacting with the car while parked. Just a guess as I am not really sure. So far so good as I have not had to replace any more batteries in the last 9 weeks (touch wood!!!).
You are onto something there. That is likely the reason - though, when not touched for a while they should go to sleep. I have also removed my key from its normal place - less convenient now.
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