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If there's a way to switch this off on a U.S. model, I haven't found it. Makes me crazy. Putting the car cover on - the car probably locks and unlocks 5 times. Dust-bustering it - same thing. Walking by it - once or twice.

I really don't mind having to touch the door handle and if there were an option to turn off the "detect my presence" feature I would turn it off!

Anyone find this option on a U.S. car?

Originally Posted by Jim S View Post
I switched off the settings to lock and unlock when approaching or leaving the vicinity of the car. The headlights still come on sometimes when I get near the car when it is locked. I think it might have something to do with the key going to sleep after about 30 seconds. If you then lift the key and go near the car the headlights sometimes, not always, light up.
Very strange, still trying to understand the logic.