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Arrow Places to visit near Munich while on ED...

Tatzelwurmstraße, Café Winklstüberl, Kraftquelle Schlossblic, Tiroler Hof/Kufstein, Sella Dolomites...

FYI... I've been meaning to post this info for a long time. Here are some of my ED tips for nice places to visit in the Munich area. Most are just an hour or so away. (in this first posting anyways )...


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The Tatzelwurmstraße is Germany's version of the Tail of the Dragon. IF you start out from Brannenburg, go to the center of the town and at the traffic light HEAD straight up the hill into what looks like a residential road. before you know it there will be a man at a toll booth. Pay your two euros and let the FUN begin! Its starts out quite narrow and thru the woods. Then slowly the road becomes wider and wider and smoother. You can follow this road all the way into Kufstein, Austria. It makes for a great way braking in a new engine on ED. Lots of switch backs and winding roads. Be forewarned that as once you cross into Austria the local Polizei tend to be rather strict in enforcing the local speed limits. You do not need a vignette driving this way into Austria. You will only need a vignette to drive on Austria Autobahns - once you leave Kufstein and get onto the Autobahn. You can buy a vignette at any gas station in Southern Germany or even in the town of Kufstein.

A nice driving route...

Brannenburg --> Tatzelwurmstraße, 83080 Oberaudorf --> Kufstein, Austria!3e0?hl=en

Here is a video that a friend of mine(Mark) filmed in his M135i last weekend(March, 2016)... it will show you how nice of a road the Tatzelwurmstrasse is. Unfortunately Mark did not start off at Brannenburg - which is quite narrow and I feel the best part of the drive.


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Be aware that starting this year(Jan, 2015) you now need a vignette in order to cross into Austria from Germany. In the past you could take the first Austrian exit(Kufstein) and buy a vignette. Not anymore!!! There are always Austrian Polizei waiting at the bridge as you cross into Austria on the Autobahn. So buy a vignette before hand IF you are traveling by Autobahn. No vignette and its a 120 euro fine(cash!). Also apply the vignette sricker FULLY to you windshield. IF you put it on half way(so to remove it later) the Polizei WILL fine you 500 euros - bc they think you are moving it from car to car.

"We sell the (Austrian) Vignette"...
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Café Winklstüberl

Café Winklstüberl...
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Café Winklstüberl
Leitzachtalstraße 68
83730 Fischbachau

Café Winklstüberl is one of those old school places. They have awesome hand made cakes and pies. Many, many people come here on the weekends. During the week not so many people. Still even with the buses and fast cars that stop by for a "coffee and cake" break - THIS is the place to be! A simply wonderful taste of Bavaria culture.

They also have rooms here... but I have never stayed here. One cool thing is upstairs they have a huge coffee grinder collection. Don't miss stopping here. Its only about a 45 minute drive from Munich. Makes for a perfect "pit-stop" on your way South.

Tiroler Hof

Tiroler Hof Kufstein

For some of THE BEST schnitzel, go visit the Tiroler Hof. Order the Kalbsschnitzel. They are also a hotel, but its kind of basic I stayed there once, and it was enough. I really recommend driving ten minutes further and staying at the Kraftquelle Schlossblick Hotel bellow... But the food here at the Tiroler Hof is excellent!

Tiroler Hof Kufstein
Am Rain 16
6330 Kufstein

Tiroler Hof Kufstein
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Kufstein's Festung (fortress castle)...
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Hotel Kraftquelle Schlossblick

Hotel Seminar Kraftquelle Schlossblick
Embach 1
6320 Angerberg

The Kraftquelle Schlossblick is one of my all time favorite hotels. The rooms are very nice and spacious. Lots of wood and nature on offer here. They have horses near by, lots of wild life and its sooo quiet here. You can look down the road and see Schlossblick(Castle view) of Mariastein(a near by Castle). The hotel is run by a nice family. Their daughter Katrin speaks fluent British/English. I always love staying here and the prices are great!

The rooms are very reasonable (under 100 euros) and include a four course dinner and breakfast. The family that runs the hotel is really nice and their daughter Katrin is fluent in English. I've stayed here many times and they have never disappointed me. A wonderful and simple hotel. You can even go hiking or cross country skiing in the summer/winter. I prefer to drive the curvy roads near by.

A really great little Alpine road/drive is driving from the Schlossblick hotel and to Brandenberg, Austria. It's a short 45 minute drive that dead ends in Brandenberg(A) but it's a fun little road.

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Schlossblick(Castle view) of Mariastein(a near by Castle)

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The view from the rooms...
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half board, comes with a four course meal included.
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For more info and places to visit near Munich... Please check out my other thread here...

Places to visit near Munich while on ED...