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It always amuses me how folks look at Tesla cars as the actual product. It's like arguing that Ferrari doesn't make money on F1.

This isn't about the cars, it's the charging network, solar and battery infrastructure, not the cars. Not that the Model 3 won't derail all of this if they can't get it sorted out, but this has never been about profit per unit.
Care to share their sales on their other products? How are they doing?
It's strategy. It doesn't have to make sense today, but simply needs to pay out in the future. Think of ac vs dc current. DC led the race for decades, but no one uses it now and the investors who plowed money into ac setups while folks called them crazy got the last laugh.

Tesla getting a few of the developing major brands into their Supercharger network and the benefits of their household batteries and solar panels being immediately available to those consumers will exponentially grow sales. Plus they've had the benefit of beta testing all of those technologies on their current, rabid fans, rather than normal consumers with higher expectations.