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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
It always amuses me how folks look at Tesla cars as the actual product. It's like arguing that Ferrari doesn't make money on F1.

This isn't about the cars, it's the charging network, solar and battery infrastructure, not the cars. Not that the Model 3 won't derail all of this if they can't get it sorted out, but this has never been about profit per unit.
I'm sorry, but this makes no business sense whatsoever. I've heard this strategy argument with Tesla before. Automotive manufacturing is a serious capital intensive activity and highly competitive. If Tesla is not about building cars, then why is it building cars? If it just about the tech to electrify the transportation sector and power the world with solar energy, then why build the car to promote the tech?

LG is GM's major supplier/partner for the Bolt. GM has over 100 years experience in manufacturing automobiles and is damned good at it. GM has all the infrastructure in place and industry partnerships in place to design, develop and manufacture any type of vehicle they want. The Bolt is a great example of intelligent use of engineering resources and expertise. With it's partnership with GM, LG is becoming one of the major development players in the EV market. Teamed with GM and thru development of the Bolt, the GM/LG team has created an EV that offers the passenger size of the Model S with comparable range at 1/3 the price. IMO LG is actually the company that will be most effective and profitable at shifting the world's fleet of ICE vehicles to electrification.