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Benz can/maybe do what has been reported on what BMW M division is going to do with the G80, give the real AMG an option regarding it's AWD, having it or not. Which makes sense because RWD is at a wall when it comes to performance and there isn't too much else they can do about it.
Yeah, poor GT2 RS and 720s. That's some wall.
Please, Those cars are pure performance cars. M3, C63, Giulia QV are sedans that can track. Don't mix that with GT2 RS and 720s.
Rwd isn't compromising a sports sedan. A ZL1 is rwd and cleans the floor with those sedans. Awd isn't some magical elixir and a 3,600 pound car with 500hp isn't "at the limits of rwd." The shift to awd is to protect idiots from themselves.