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The C43 is AWD only because that's what the vast majority of consumers want from a premium sedan now. Furthermore, those who don't necessarily care about AWD will happily pay for it if you include it standard. Look at luxury SUVs where only the basic, entry level trim for a given model is available with 2WD. The AWD models still sell like hotcakes, even below the snow-belt. The same phenomena now extends to luxury sedans as well.

Also consider that the the C43's direct competitor, the Audi S4, has always been AWD only. So, by offering AWD standard, Mercedes is matching that vehicle's features. The new M340i will also be AWD only everywhere but in North America (maybe even just America, Canada is probably AWD only), and I suspect that sales of the RWD model will be dwarfed by sales of AWD model here.

As RedBread mentioned above, the next C63 (or whatever it is called) will likely be AWD as well. Same for the M3. RWD may remain optional on one or both still, but even if so, this is probably the last generation we'll see that.
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