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Would you sell the E31 850CSi for a 964 911 or keep both?

Hi there guys. Since I have always been a huge 911 fan I am thinking about getting one. I am talking about the newer ones. The reason I ask and I know its a long shot since its a Porsche forum but I am afraid I would miss the BMW. My heart has been always beating for the Porsche but I have never owned one.
Also would would you say Porsche is better than BMW?
There is one thing that I have been thinking.
I have BMW e31 850 "CSI" as I had all moved from a crashed CSI into my 850 and I love it. I have put actually crazy heart into and and a lot of love At the moment I am having mixed feelings and some might say afraid of owning 2 cars.
What would you do? Give me good arguments
Sell the BMW and get the 911?
Wait and just keep the BMW and get a 911 to the collection?
A friend of mine said that when I would get the 911 I would just forget about the BMW.
Another friend that actually owns both said to own them both.
So What would you do?

Here is my e31.

One from the Transfagarasan in Romania

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BMW 850 (BDS)

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