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Originally Posted by Funf6cyl View Post
I’m confused on the last part of your post. The 964 is an air cooled car and is far more valuable than an 8 series. If you are not aware, Singers are all 964 chassis cars.

Original poster, I’d go for the 964. Better looking, better sound, better driver’s car and a car that in the grand scheme is the more valuable part investment.
Well, shit. Was ‘964’ always in the title? If so i totally missed it, my apologies. Doesn’t change my answer, though - try to find a way to own both. I absolutely love the 964, but they will be available for sale for the foreseeable future. So OP can afford to keep his BMW, and be patient as he accumulates a 911 fund. There could also be a chance that prices cool off if the global economy tanks.